If you lose money, you lose a little,
If you lose honor, you lose a lot,
If you lose courage, you've lost everything,
And if you lose friendship, you've lost the world.
Right now..
Somebody is thinking of you.
Somebody is caring about you.
Somebody wants to be with you
Somebody hopes you aren't in trouble
Somebody wants to hold your hand
Somebody is praying for you.
Somebody hopes everything turns out alright
Somebody wants you to be happy
Somebody wants you to find him/her
Somebody IS him/her
Somebody wants to give you a gift
Somebody hopes you're not too cold, and not too hot
Somebody wants to hug you.
Somebody loves you.
Somebody is thinking of you and smiling.
Somebody wants to be your shoulder to cry on.
Somebody wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun.
Somebody thinks the world of you
Somebody wants to kiss you
Somebody wants to protect you
Somebody would do anything for you
Some one wants to read you poetry
Some one would love to drink hot chocolate with you andlaugh out loud with you.
Some one thinks you are a dear, dear, friend!
Somebody would like to say I LOVE YOU!
Somebody wants to watch a sunset with you
Somebody thinks you're the best thing since sliced bread
Somebody wants to always be at the top of your e-mail list
Somebody wants to be there for you always...
Someone can't wait to see you!
Someone misses you.
Somebody wishes you were here.
Somebody wants to hear your voice.
Somebody wants to listen to you.
Somebody wants to hang out and reminisce with you.
Somebody wants to be there for you."Friends are two bodies, sharing one soul."
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