Seagoing Buoy Tender WLB Veterans of the Coast Guard's 180s, 189s and 225s
U.S. Coast Guard Sea-Going & Coastal Buoy Tenders, 1939-2000
Historic Ships to Visit - Listed by Type of Government Service
Cutters, Craft & Coast Guard-Manned Vessels
United States Coast Guard Patch Archive
U.S. Coast Guard Cutters & Craft Index
firebush 393 Firebush On Deck! The End of an Era
Meet old Shipmates at Fred's Place
The CGC Arbutus-A Sea Story
The Fate of the Mesquite
USCG Cutter Nicknames
Buoy Tender Round-up
Coast Guard Stories
The Roger B. Taney
Coast Guard Stuff
The Complete Library of Jack's Joint Coast Guard Stories
USCG Seagoing (WLB) Buoy Tender Veterans Group
USCG 180-foot Buoy Tender tour
A Buoy Tender Tows a Battleship
The Old Salt's Journal
You Might Be A Coastie, If......
Workhorses of the Fleet
Inside The Coast Guard's Dirtiest Job

My First Ride On The Taney
Welcome to USCG Training Center Cape May
Buoy Tender Duty In  The South Pacific 1943-1946
A Tribute to all 39 buoy tenders, by Tom Hough Spar wlb-403/1966

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