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How do You peel a Banana?

 From: PogoMom in Florida

I break off the stem end and peel each segmented side of the peel down.

Here is an odd one:  My grandmother used to slice the non-stem end about one-half inch from the end after asking a question that required a yes or no answer.  If the black center produced a "Y" the answer was yes.  If the black center produced anything but a "Y" the answer was no.  Obviously, it never produced an "N" . . . we little ones loved it.  She would then peel the rest of the banana from the bottom.

From: Barbara in California

From the top of the banana to the bottom with my fingers

From: Ken at NEOUCOM in Ohio

To Peel a Banana,
I pull back on the stem and pop the top, then sequentially pull each peel section only as far as necessary to uncover the nutritive element, progressively denuding the foodstuff until the last section ejects from its holder.

From: Maria a Portuguese American

I have two ways how to peel a banana. First using knife cut the beginning of the banana and peel it down. Second way, lay the banana in a serving plate using the fork hold it down cut a little in each side make a cut along side and remove the peel with out touching the skin with hands.

From: Zisel a Cuban American Electrical Engineer

I peel it starting from the end opposite to the attachment to the plant.
Reason, the end attached to the plant has a strong stem. This provides greater structural support to holding the banana in your hand and eating. I don't peel the banana completely. I peel it partially, eat it while holding it in my hand, and peel as I go.

From: Arlene in Southern Maryland

I Peel a Banana the way the monkeys do, from the Bottom Up.

From: Jack at Technion University in Haifa, Israel

I snap the stem end and proceed with pulling it off from that end in 3-4 strips.

From: Betty Ann in Florida

From the top down.

From: Romy in Switzerland

I break the tip and open it like a flower.

From: Sylvia in New Mexico

I cut the end off and then peel off a piece and throw it away until the whole thing is peeled.

From: A Retired Communications Specialist in Northern Virginia

How else? The Jewish way -- cut off the tip and peel it back.

From: a housewife in Monsey New York

I pull from the top and one of  the strips comes down half way. Then I pull the other two down half way.  I eat to that point and then pull down the rest of the way.  If it will not brake at the top I cut through the top half way
and procede from above.

From: a Linguist in Arlington Virginia

How many ways can you peel a banana?   Doesn't everyone peel from the tree side down about 3/4 of the way and then squeeze the bottom to make it pop out of its skin?

From: an Informed Women in the Metro Washington DC Area

I crack it at the top & then pull the naturally created strips down as far as necessary.  Depending on my goal, I peel it all the way free of the skin (for chopping) or half way if I am going to eat it then.

From: a Woodson High School student in Fairfax Virginia

I take the top tip and pull it off, then peel the peel off.

From: a Flooring Specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area

I pull the stem back and most of the way to the bottom, than i peel two other strips and i'm ready to eat.
thanks for asking.

From: a thinks he's retired but really isn't, world class folk dancer traveling the world from Arlington Virginia

I usually use my teeth to break the banana open at the top. Then peel it down about halfway on the three sides.
(on rare occasion, I remove the whole peel, then eat the banana)

From: a Natural Foods Supermarket owner in Cocoa Beach Florida

Grab the Banana by the Bottom, Break at the stem and pull one section down at a time. That's the Cocoa Beach Method.