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  The Zionist Plot of Afghani Jews (Both of Them)
12 December 2001

The Kuwaiti newspaper al-Rai al-Am and the PLO radio are reporting an interesting Zionist plot that the Arab press has claimed was hatched over the last few weeks of the American military campaign in Afghanistan. Israel, according to the press, is planning the evacuation of the Jews of Afghanistan to Israel. While there are, in fact, only two known and identifiable Jews left in Afghanistan, as reported extensively in the Israeli press, the Kuwaiti and PLO media report that “high ranking Israeli sources quoted a Jewish Rabbi of Pashtune origin [the tribe to which most of the Taliban belong] as saying that large number of the Afghani Jews had converted to Islam and should be returned back to their religion (Judaism ).” Their numbers, according to the Arab press, are estimated by the “Israeli Ministry of Enrolling Jews in Israel” at 1.5 million people.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, according to those same “high ranking Israeli sources,” gave instructions to prepare homes and weapons for the incoming Afghani Jews, so that they may “expand settlements they will live in later.” Citing more unnamed “news reports,” the Kuwaiti newspaper reported that “representatives of the Afghani Jews” have been in Israel for several weeks already in order to coordinate the mass migration. According to al-Rai al-Am, the Afghani Jews will be transported through Islamabad to Tel Aviv, where they will have, despite the instructions Ariel Sharon is supposed to have given, “the liberty to choose their places of living.”

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