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Circulo Israelita de Bolivia 
Casilla 1545, Calle Landaeta 346
PO Box 1545, La Paz
Phone: 2-32-5925
Fax: 2-34-2738 

Rabbi: Palti Somerstein 

Circulo Israelita de Bolivia is the highest synagogue on earth, located at an altitude of more than 12,000 feet in La Paz, Bolivia. The synagogue serves 700 Jews in a country where the citizens are predominantly Catholic. Shabbo services are held every Friday night and every Saturday morning and afternoon. Classes are also held twice a week in the synagogue where children are taught Hebrew and Jewish history. Its rabbi, Palti Somerstein, has served at the synagogue for four years. Circulo Israelita, without a rabbi for 20 years, faces an uncertain future if Somerstein leaves (Source: Northern Light.) 

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