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  Belfast Community
Belfast Hebrew Congregation
Chaim Herzog
Cork Community
Cork's Oldest Jew
Destinations - Ireland
Dublin Community
Dublin Knesset Orach Chayim
History of the Jews in Ireland
Ireland's Jewish Community
Ireland's Jews: a Fading Tribe on the Emerald Isle
Irish Jewish Community
Irish-Jewish Museum
Jewish Ireland
Jewish Ireland in the Age of Joyce
Jewish Surnames of Ireland - 1901 and Earlier
Jews have lived in Ireland for centuries
Jews In Ireland - Background
Jews of Ireland Genealogy
Limerick Synagogue
Museum tells of little-known history
Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
Shalom Ireland
Spotlight on role of Jews in Ireland
Terenure Hebrew Congregation
The Jews of Ireland
Tribe of St. Patrick
Never Again
Jewish Humor
Jewish Women
Jewish Publications
All Things Jewish
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Israeli History in a Nutshell
Jewish Communities of the World
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