The Haganah Ship Exodus

the haganah ship Exodus

Aboard the Exodus: Setting Sail for Freedomís Shore
Chartered for History: President Warfield - Exodus 1947
Exodus 1947
Exodus 47 crew member recalls his role in the founding of Israel
Jewish History 1930 - 1939
Let the Victims of Hitler go to the Land of Israel
Movie - Exodus
New Exhibition Opens At Hampden-Sydney
Photographs of the Exodus refugee ship
Pure Flight or Exodus
Service Ship Photo Archive
Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Learning Center Photo Album
The "Exodus 1947" was a worn-out U.S.-owned coastal passenger ship
The Haganah Ship "Exodus 1947"
The History of the Steamship "President Warfield"
The Real Exodus
The Ship Exodus 1947 became a symbol of Aliya Bet ó illegal immigration
Vessels of Courage and Hope (audio)
World Zionist Organization - Exodus 1947



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