The Fascinating Story of the Lemba People
  A History of the Lemba
A Real Lost Tribe
A Temple on the Nile
Amoung the Makalanga
Ancient Zimbabwe & the Lemba
Africans Have Jewish Ancestry
African Tribe Presses Recognition as Jews
At Israel's doorstep in Africa
Black Jews of Southern Africa
Buy the Book - Journey To The Vanished City
Current Events on the African Continent
DNA Backs South Africa Tribe's Claim
Genealogy and Identity after the Genome [pdf]
Genetics and Identity
Kulanu - Lemba
Letter to Jerusalem Report
Prof Mathivha of the Lemba Cultural Association Letter from Zimbabwe
Lemba-Imbu School
Lemba Update
Lost Tribes of Israel
"Lost Tribes" of Israel 
Mysteries of the Bible
Practices of the Lemba
Shmeuly our Lemba Brother
The Arms of Moses
The Black Jews of Southern Africa
The Lemba: A question of identity
The Lemba of South Africa
Tudor Parfitt's Remarkable Journey
Vhalemba - THE LEMBA
Wuriga Cites Progress Among the Lemba
Zimbabwe’s “Black Jews” The Lemba People
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Lemba For Further Information about the Lemba
 lemba blowing shofar
The route the Lemba took from Senna in Yemen
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