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World-Wide Search For “Good Citizens”
Glasgow Company of the Jewish Lads Brigade

A world-wide search is being made to find former members of a Glasgow (Scotland) organisation which for 100 years has helped young people to become good citizens. “We already know there are former members in America, Canada, Australia, Israel and South Africa,” says Mr Harvey Livingston, organiser of the centenary celebrations of the Glasgow Company of the Jewish Lads Brigade.

“Some of them have already told us they are seriously thinking about coming home for the celebrations, but for others it may be a bit far and expensive but we would still like to hear from them,” adds Mr Livingston, a former captain in the company.

“We have plans to make the celebrations really memorable. Over the years there have been something like 25 Jewish youth organisations in Glasgow but we are the first to last for 100 years. This goes some way to demonstrating the enduring values we have instilled in our young people.”  Livingston’s four children, Aaron, Simon, Michael and Karen, all are, or have been, members of the brigade.

The Glasgow company was formed in 1903 by two elders of Garnethill Synagogue, the first purpose-built Jewish house of worship in Scotland, to help mostly young immigrants from places like Russia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia to integrate with the indigenous population, give them proper values to live by, and become responsible citizens.

Girls were admitted to the company in 1964 but it was another four years before the girls became “equal partners” and the organisation became the Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade.

The brigade’s celebrations includes a special week-end camp, a rededication service and a centenary dinner. “The camp will be a strictly social occasion, not like an ordinary working camp and will be for present day members of Glasgow company and their JLGB friends from south of the border,” says Mr Livingston.

A special event from which a number of charities will benefit is also being planned.

Former members of the Glasgow company may contact Harvey Livingston at harveylivingston@ntlworld.com


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